There’s a Chicken Nugget Festival Happening This Summer and We Have to Go

Like people, a chicken nugget can come in all shapes and sizes, and are totally lovable. To take your obsession to the next level—there's a festival coming to the UK this summer that sounds too good to be true.

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What’s not to love about a chicken nugget? Crispy, golden breaded pieces of chicken that are fried or baked to perfection that come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve come a long way since “chicken sticks,'” the first nugget prototype patented in 1963, so why not celebrate nuggets of all shapes and sizes?

We Love Food, a UK based community food blog is doing just that, by hosting not one, but two chicken nugget (and wings) festivals coming to London on August 11 and Manchester on September 22, satisfying all of your childhood dreams. Apparently more dates are set to be announced if you can’t quite make it across the pond on those dates.

The festival is set to include the biggest showcase of the best chicken nuggets and a live DJ. If you missed out on this chicken nugget taster job, you’re in luck: You could enter the chicken nugget eating competition where the winners will be crowned the Nugget King and Nugget Queen.

Recent studies showing that processed foods like golden nuggets have links to cancer aren’t stopping anyone from obsessing over the festival, with the London venue recently adjusting to accommodate the expected crowds of nugget enthusiasts, and all the “cheese smothered nuggets, dips and chips” you can eat.

Ticket preregistration is available now for both cities.

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