These Viral Watermelon “Fries” Are the Next Big Snack of Summer

Kids and adults alike will love this adorable, refreshing treat!

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Picture this: the sun is shining, the breeze is warm and you’re camped out at a grassy park with your best friends, snacking on a delicious picnic. What’s in your picnic basket? Most likely, you’ve included some kind of refreshing fruit snack. Crisp, sweet and juicy, seasonal fruit is arguably one of the best parts of summer. And of the summer fruits, nothing can beat a sumptuous, crunchy bite of watermelon.

Though having fresh watermelon straight off the rind is lovely, there are dozens of ways to enjoy the juicy fruit. TikToker Heather (@happykidskitchen) provided one of our new favorite methods in the form of “watermelon fries.” Her video has received over 750,000 likes as of writing, thanks to the adorable snack. Here’s everything you need to know about watermelon fries, including how to make them yourself.

What Are Watermelon Fries?

Watermelon fries are simply pieces of watermelon cut to look like crinkle-cut fries. Heather serves them with a simple strawberry-yogurt dip, making for a refreshing yet healthy snack. A crinkle-cutter creates their unique zigzag edges, elevating a normal slice of watermelon into a playful and dippable treat.

@happykidskitchen 🍉Watermelon “Fries” with Easy Strawberry Yogurt Dip: So fun and refreshing! Blend plain or vanilla Greek yogurt with 3 to 4 strawberries (and optional honey or other sweetener to taste) then serve with sticks of watermelon. I used a crinkle cutter which you can buy on Amazon or any kitchen store. Make sure to refrigerate and serve chilled! Happy summer!! #momsoftiktok #watermelon #funfood #healthykidsfood ♬ Cruel Summer – Taylor Swift

How to Cut and Serve Watermelon Fries

To make watermelon fries, you’ll first need a crinkle cutter, which retails for less than $8 on Amazon.

Heather starts by making the strawberry-yogurt dip. She drops about 1 cup of Greek yogurt into a blender, along with 3 large strawberries and a teaspoon of honey. In the comments, she says that you could use another sweetener; we might suggest agave or maple syrup. She blends the mixture to create a dipping sauce. (For a creamier, fluffier version, try this strawberry-yogurt dip recipe.)

Next, the video shows the watermelon slices on her cutting board, which are about 1 inch thick. Heather cuts those slices with the crinkle cutter to make her fries, discarding the rind. (If you’d rather not discard them, make these watermelon rind pickles.) Finally, she arranges the watermelon fries on a serving tray with a ramekin of the strawberry-yogurt dip and a few more strawberries for garnish.

More Summer Snacks with Watermelon

If you want a full side dish with watermelon, be sure to check out our favorite refreshing watermelon salads. Additionally, if you’re in a time crunch packing your picnic basket, these super-speedy watermelon recipes have you covered. And if you’re not a fan of watermelon at all, but still want to get in on the adorable fun, you can always make these charming watermelon slice cookies. Bon appétit!

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