Watch Us Make: Potluck Banana Cake

Our quick video shows you how to make an easy banana cake with a sweep of sweet coffee frosting.

It’s safe to say that dessert is often the true star of any big potluck. Sugary sweets and indulgent goodies beckon to be tasted the moment they’re set down. This Potluck Banana Cake is no exception. The creamy, coffee-frosted cake is a instant success at any party.

Kathy Hoffman of Topton, Pennsylvania, found the recipe years ago and has been making it for family gatherings ever since. Her subtly sweet cake boasts a light banana flavor, and its complementary coffee-flavored frosting gives the recipe a surprising jolt of fun. Kathy made the clever choice to bake the cake using a 13×9 pan. This way it’s easy to slice and serve at any kind of get-together-kinda like the rest of our favorite desserts made in a 13×9 pan. And hey, since bananas and coffee are great at breakfast, you’re totally OK to save a slice for a morning snack.