Watch Us Make: Overnight Oatmeal

With just a little bit of prep, you can wake up to creamy and delicious oatmeal.

Mornings can be hectic. Between getting yourself and your family ready to head out the door, making a filling breakfast isn’t exactly the easiest task. That is, unless you have this Overnight Oatmeal waiting in the fridge. This recipe is a game-changer for your morning routine, because it can be prepped in just 10 minutes the night before. The ingredients meld together overnight, so in the morning it’s ready for you to scoop up and enjoy.

All you need is a sealable container (we love mixing up the ingredients in a Mason jar), oats, milk, yogurt and honey, and the rest is up to you. Top it with fresh or dried fruit, chopped nuts, cinnamon, coconut…it’s super easy to customize to your own taste. In fact, if you check out the recipe, you’ll find super-fun variations like Carrot Cake, Banana Bread, Chocolate-Cherry and even Pina Colada. It’s the ultimate grab-and-go breakfast, just like the rest of our favorite Breakfast-on-the-Go Recipes.

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