Watch Us Make: Coconut-White Chocolate Cheesecake

Is this the creamiest cheesecake ever? You'd better make it yourself, in the interest of research.

When friends tell you that you have to submit your recipe to Taste of Home because it’s that good-it’s best to comply. That’s what happened with this recipe for Coconut-White Chocolate Cheesecake. Jamie Harris of Danville, Illinois, sent us her sensational recipe after getting rave reviews from her closest friends and family. We’re so glad: this recipe is too good not to share.

The creamy cheesecake is loaded with coconut, white chocolate and cream cheese. Its rich filling is baked into a crumbly graham cracker crust. The trick behind the extra-creamy texture: make sure not to over-mix the batter. Otherwise, the recipe is as straightforward as they come.

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