The Unicorn Ice Cream at Walmart Is Magic in a Dish (or a Cone)

This magical ice cream from Walmart is going to bring some sparkle to your day. Do you want one scoop or two?

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It’s the era of unicorn food! It seems like every new treat is covered in confetti and rainbows to bring magic to your life. Even our homemade unicorn recipes have taken a sparkly turn.

For the best day ever, start with Kellogg’s Unicorn Cereal for breakfast, munch on Unicorn Funfetti cake for an afternoon snack, then end your day with Walmart’s new product, Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream.

What’s so magical about this unicorn ice cream?

You might remember that Target released Unicorn Magic Ice Cream not too long ago, but Walmart’s Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream sets itself apart. Target’s unicorn ice cream is sour and fruity while Walmart’s is cake-flavored. The Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream also has purple frosting swirls and candy confetti pieces. To add to the fun, the candy pieces are shaped like stars!

It almost sounds too magical, but don’t worry. There are no real unicorns in the ice cream. This disclaimer is even printed on the package itself, which makes us love the treat even more.

This ice cream would be ideal for your little one’s unicorn birthday party—even if you have to keep it socially distant. (Of course, adults are more than welcome to indulge in this magic, too…)

Where can you find Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream?

Hurry to your nearest Walmart to pick up the unicorn ice cream. You can find a 48-oz tub for the low price of $2.97, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t take this chance to treat yourself.

Walmart hasn’t said anything about how long this product will be on the shelf, so make sure to try Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream before it’s gone!

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