Walmart’s New Grocery Delivery Service Puts the Food Right in Your Refrigerator

Walmart wants to do your grocery shopping and stock your refrigerator, even when you're not at home.

It can be hard to hit the grocery store during the day, especially for busy people and parents on the move. Walmart already offers in-store pickup (where personal shoppers grab items from your grocery list) and grocery delivery through their app. But the store wants to make it even easier to shop.

Walmart’s new service, InHome, will send delivery employees straight into your kitchen!

Here’s How It Works

InHome allows shoppers to order grocery staples, and have them delivered straight to your refrigerator, even if you aren’t home. Groceries will cost the same as if you were buying them yourself at Walmart, but with an added delivery fee. The chain has yet to announce exactly how much the fee will be, but having the extra time in your day could be worth it.

So why take existing delivery services to the next level? Walmart hopes that this new service will help shoppers achieve Fridgetopia, AKA “the feeling your refrigerator gets when it’s stocked with everything you need.”

You might want to clean out your refrigerator first, though. Here’s where to start.

Is the Service Safe?

This service allows for you to get an in-home grocery delivery even if you’re not home, which could pose a potential security concern. But Walmart is attempting to cover all the bases:

  • You choose whether delivery employees enter through the garage or front door
  • A smart device enables one-time access during the delivery window
  • Delivery employees, who will be trained Walmart employees that have worked at a local store for at least one year, will be equipped with wearable cameras so you can watch the entire drop-off process

When Can I Order?

According to InHome’s FAQ page, a test launch of the new program will begin this fall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Kansas City, Missouri and Vero Beach, Florida, with expansion to more locations planned before things go nationwide at the end of 2020.

Use the time you save to check a recipe off your baking bucket list!

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