Walmart Is Giving Out 1 Million Free Doughnuts!

That's one sweet way to say, "Happy National Doughnut Day!" Here's how to get yours.

June is prime time for delicious food holidays, and Friday, June 7, just may be the greatest food holiday of all. The whole nation will be chowing down in celebration of National Doughnut Day. While plenty of brands are jumping on the bandwagon, we have one retailer to thank for baking up more than 1 million doughnuts for our free munching pleasure. Walmart!

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How to Get Yours

It’s easy to get your hands on some doughy deliciousness for the holiday. Just sweet talk the kind people at the Walmart bakery, and you’ll snag yourself a free glazed doughnut. Unfortunately, there is a limit of one doughnut per customer, so you can’t go too wild with the freebies.

If you still crave doughnuts when you get home, you can just fry up these prize-winners and eat them all yourself. Don’t worry, we don’t judge. (Don’t forget to pick up a deep-fryer at Walmart before you leave.)

They Might Run Out Fast

Because of Walmart’s broad reach across the nation, the grocery giant is handing out a whopping 1.2 million free doughnuts for the day. That might sound like a lot, but considering over 4,000 Walmarts will be participating, we have a sinking feeling the fan-favorite treat might not stick around for too long. So, set your alarm!

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More Doughnuts!

If you can’t get your hands on a Walmart doughnut, fear not. Plenty of other famous doughnut makers are giving the treat away too. Dunkin’ is providing a complimentary doughnut for every drink purchase.

And Krispy Kreme is stepping up its game, too, and also giving away 1 million doughnuts tomorrow. Plus, if they run out tomorrow, they say they’ll hand out samples of their latest unidentified creation later this month. (Could that mean the fruit-inspired flavors are making a comeback?!)

Celebrate Your Own Way
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