Get to Know Community Cook Elisabeth Larsen

Elisabeth started sharing her delicious eats with us in 2010. Since then, we've published her recipes over 40 times!

Drawing inspiration from her favorite restaurants and cookbooks, home cook and Taste of Home Community Cook Elizabeth Larson regularly experiments in her kitchen by trying out new techniques and flavor combinations. She creates stunning desserts like this Raspberry Icebox Cake and also puts unique twists on classic favorites. Her high-rated Chicken Curry Lasagna really allowed her culinary creativity to shine. We adore her sense of culinary adventure and we’re certain you’re going to love her too.

Taste of Home: We’d love to know a little bit about you and your family. Who do you cook for?

Elisabeth Larsen: I cook for my husband, Gerrit, and our three kids (ages 10, 7 and 4).  My husband is adventurous and loves to try anything I cook. My kids all love to help in the kitchen. Getting them involved in the process really encourages them to try new things.

TOH: What do you love about cooking?

EL: It’s so much fun to be able to try new things, and also, I love being able to cook delicious things for the people I love! One of our favorite family traditions is “new foods night.” Each family member chooses a new food they’d like to try and I incorporate them into our meal. When the kids get picky, sometimes I have to remind the kids of a time that they tried something new and discovered they really liked it. But as a rule, they’re pretty adventurous.

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TOH: Who taught you how to cook?

EL: My mom taught me how to cook and was really supportive of all my earliest efforts.  She would let me pick recipes from her Taste of Home magazines, buy all the ingredients and then let me make them and help if I got myself in over my head. As you can tell I’ve been a Taste of Home fan for a very long time.

TOH: When you’re making a special meal, what is always included?

EL: I like to make a lot of different foods for holidays, but they will always include some sort of great dessert.

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TOH: It looks like you have a lot of healthy recipes. Do you have a favorite go-to healthy recipe that we’ve published?

EL: My Sesame Chicken Veggie Wraps are a great go-to weeknight dinner for our family. They’re nutritious, fast to make and all three of my kids love them.

TOH: We all have one—what dessert can’t you walk away from?

EL: I probably have more than one, but I really love cookies. My personal favorites are a classic chocolate chip and I also love Taste of Home’s chocolate chai snickerdoodles. There’s just something irresistible about a crispy, chewy cookie.

TOH: What gadget do you have in your kitchen that you reach for the most?

EL: I love my KitchenAid stand mixer for bread and baked goods, but it’s also great for mashed potatoes or shredded cooked meat.

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TOH: Do you watch cooking shows on TV? If so, do you have a favorite or a favorite personality?

EL: Definitely! I love The Great British Baking Show. I also love Molly Yeh and Girl on the Range.

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