Viennetta Ice Cream Is Back—and We’re Partying Like It’s the 1990s

If you're old enough to remember Zima, we have a tasty blast from the past for you.

Nostalgia is nothing new, but we’ve definitely enjoyed a love affair with the ’90s as long-gone products like Pop Tarts cereal have been revived for the new millennium. Even McDonald’s recently brought back Happy Meal toys from past decades.

While the most iconic dessert to come out of the ’90s might have been molten lava cake—you still see it everywhere—if you were alive three decades ago, you might recall seeing mesmerizing commercials for Viennetta, the frozen ice cream cake that seemed unbelievably fancy. Calling all ’90s kids, because it’s back!

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Here’s Everything We Know

If you don’t remember anything from back in the day, here’s a refresher. Viennetta was an ice cream cake sold in boxes and found in freezer cases everywhere. It just seemed more sophisticated than other frozen desserts, probably due to its good looks. The cake had a wavy base of frozen vanilla cream, interspersed with crispy chocolate layers and finished with decorative piping on the top and sides.

Maybe it was the vaguely foreign-sounding name that gave Viennetta cachet. It did debut in the United Kingdom in the early ’80s and has remained popular there and throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand. It was only in the US that Viennetta disappeared in the ’90s.

Where Can I Find Viennetta?

This revival is courtesy of Good Humor, so you should be able to find Viennetta at any grocery store. It officially debuts in January, and should have a price of about $5.49. Not bad for an ice cream cake that serves six!

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a box of Viennetta, we have a whole collection of ice cream cake recipes for inspiration.

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