People Are Decorating Valentine’s Day Trees Right Now, and We Love It

You can absolutely decorate a pink Christmas tree for Valentine's Day.

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One of the reasons we adore Christmas so much is all the fun we have decorating. From the lights to the tinsel to the ornaments and the stockings, you can make the winter holidays exactly how you wish. It’s all about creating a home that reflects a cozy atmosphere. So why not take all that inventive spirit and channel it into, oh, I don’t know…Valentine’s Day?

We decorated orange trees for Halloween, but now’s the time to create a bright pink Valentine’s Day tree to officially commemorate the holiday of love and affection.

Where Can I Get a Pink Tree?

A good place to start would be Amazon. They’ve got a 5-foot “Pretty in Pink” artificial tree, complete with a stand. There are 6-foot pink trees and 7-foot pink trees available as well. You know, in case you want a pretty pink tree all the way to your ceiling.
Honestly, I’d be a big fan of that myself!

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The 6-foot trees go for around $240 each, but think of it as an investment for future holidays. After you spend one year decorating and realize how much you love having a Valentine’s Day Christmas tree, your future self will thank you.

How Can I Decorate My Pink Tree?

There’s no reason to say you can’t decorate it like you would your Christmas tree. Add red, white and purple ornaments. Throw some tinsel or glittery garland all around! Try ribbons and hearts and maybe even some hanging chocolates. A tree is the perfect place to display your Valentine’s Day cards as well—wouldn’t that be just too cute? Even adding some pictures of your loved ones would be a wonderful touch. By the way, these Valentine’s Day pastries are adorable, too.

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While you’re reveling in your beautiful accomplishment, be sure to grab some hot cocoa bombs for you and your +1. Don’t forget the Valentine’s Day gifts and dinner for the occasion!

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