United Airlines Is Replacing Biscoff Cookies with Oreo Thins, and We Have Mixed Feelings

This is a CONTROVERSIAL decision.

For most of us, flying is not a glamorous experience. You’re stuffed into a space that’s tiny and not so clean. If you have my luck, the person behind you coughs and blows their nose constantly. Most of all, you’re hungry.

In these dark moments, the Biscoff cookie is a saving grace. So, you’ll understand why we’re not sure how to feel about United Airlines getting rid of them.

No More Biscoff Cookies!?

It’s true. To rotate its snack selection, United Airlines is replacing those iconic red-and-white-wrapped delights with Oreo Thins. If you’re an Oreo fan, this might be totally exciting news and you’re ready to book a flight with United right now. If you’re not… well, it’s a cruel, cruel world we live in, isn’t it?

OK, things aren’t quite as bad as they seem. Oreos are good, too. And there are other airlines still offering Biscoffs: Delta, WestJet, Alaska Airlines and American Airlines are keeping them on the menu. (Thank goodness!) And for those who still want to fly United, the airline says they’re bringing Biscoffs back in May. So really, this is a temporary switch.

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Well, Now We’re Hungry for Biscoffs

If all this talk about cookies has awoken a craving, never fear. You don’t have to book a flight to buy Biscoffs — they’re available at Target, Walmart, plenty of grocery stores and even the Biscoff company’s website. Of course, Biscoffs aren’t limited to just cookies anymore; there’s also Biscoff ice cream.

We’ll celebrate with you, Oreo fans, and for those of you who love Biscoffs… we’ll get through the next few months together.

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