Uber Just Launched a Grocery Delivery Service, and We’re Putting Our Order in ASAP

Uber grocery delivery makes so much sense!

We’ve spent enough time at home by now to realize delivery is a lifesaver. In fact, so many retailers offer grocery delivery and pickup that you can do an entire Target run without leaving the sofa. This service will be even faster now that there’s a new player in the grocery delivery game: Uber!

You read that right. Uber has officially launched a grocery delivery service. With over 9,500 merchant partners, there’s nothing you can’t get delivered.

We’re Head Over Heels for Uber Grocery

Uber is actually partnering with Cornershop, a company that will send out a personal shopper to grab all the items on your shopping list. The service is similar to Instacart, which you can use for everything from Costco prescriptions to Aldi grocery delivery.

Ordering through Uber is easy—all you have to do is use the existing Uber or Uber Eats apps. If Uber grocery delivery is available in your city, a tab for groceries will be available on your device. Easy!

But You May Have to Wait to Put Your Order In

While Uber’s grocery delivery service is expanding, it’s only available in select cities in Canada and Latin America for the time being. Uber will start grocery delivery in Miami and Dallas this July before expanding across the United States.

If you’re one of the lucky few who lives in Miami or Dallas, Uber has a special treat for you. Users who sign up for the Eats Pass or Uber Pass will get free grocery delivery on orders more than $30.

Still waiting on Uber to reach your city? You should check out these grocery delivery services right now.

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