Twix and Snickers-Flavored Milks Taste Like Your Favorite Candy

Pour a splash of candy-flavor milk in your morning coffee.

Twix and Snickers-flavored chocolate milks have arrived—at least in our office—and we hope they’re here to stay! Each candy bar chocolate milk will transport you straight to your childhood candy shop.

Speaking of Twix, did you see that McDonald’s brought back their Twix McFlurry?

Did You Say Candy Bar Chocolate Milk?

You read that right, there are two new milk products on the market inspired by Twix and Snickers. Each 14 oz. bottle of the low-fat milk contains 14g of protein and is made with real milk. Plus, it’s not lacking in flavor, either.

Want even more chocolate? You have to see the new Triple Chocolate Twix.

Here’s What the Milk Tastes Like

To sample the Twix and Snickers milk, we poured a splash on ice, but taste testers thought using the milk in coffee might be even better. Here are the results of our “official” taste test:

  • Snickers: Like a Snickers bar, the chocolate milk had a nutty taste. It almost tasted like nondairy chocolate milk.
  • Twix: Lots of caramel and shortbread cookie flavor in this chocolate milk!

Both milks were pretty sweet, and probably wouldn’t be something we’d drink every day. But as a special treat on a road trip or part of a chocolate milk recipe? Absolutely!

Even sweeter than the milk? Each bottle is has a suggested retail price of $2.79 each, so there’s no excuse to miss out.

It kind of tasted like

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