Now You Can Wake up to Your Favorite Snack—Introducing Twinkies Cereal!

PSA: Twinkies cereal may be coming to a grocery store near you.

Remember the thrill of seeing a sweet, pillowy, delicious Hostess snack in your lunchbox? Well, get ready to feel like a little kid again—this time, at the breakfast table. Rumors are currently swirling around the internet that we can soon enjoy a bowlful of Twinkies cereal.

Our Predictions About the Cereal

To be honest, we’re total believers of the hype…and for good reason. Earlier this year, Hostess teamed up with Post to create Powdered Donettes and Honey Bun cereals, which are available at Target. People loved them, so it only makes sense that a cereal version of everyone’s favorite snack cake is on deck.

Though we’re not yet sure if they’ll be cream-filled, the cereal bits will resemble the iconic vanilla snack cake in color, shape and flavor.

Details of available locations and a potential launch date are yet to be determined. But our fingers are crossed that we’ll soon know when and where the cereal will hit shelves.

If you love snack cakes as much as we do (no shame!), try these copycat recipes at home.

For the Love of Twinkies

Another convincing reason to believe the reports is that Twinkies have already been turned into a variety of other sweet products, including Twinkie-flavored ice cream, dessert kits and Keurig K-Cup coffee pods.

Over the generations, so many people have proven their undying love of Twinkies, Hostess even curated this official cookbook filled with recipes involving the sweet treat, submitted by fans across the country.

With all this love for the all-American snack cake, it only makes sense to create Twinkies cereal, right?

So, there you have it, folks. Your dreams of eating Twinkies for breakfast could soon be a reality. Only time will tell…

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