You Can Use a Twin Fitted Sheet as a Tablecloth and It’s a Genius Party Hack

Save yourself a trip to the store by using this handy trick to make a twin fitted sheet tablecloth!

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We’ve all been there. You’re planning for a party or gathering, when you realize you forgot to buy something the day of. It could be muffin tin liners, essential kitchen tools for the big meal, napkins or anything else.

There’s no time to run to the store before guests arrive, so you have to make do with whatever’s lying around the house. If a disposable tablecloth is what you’re missing, you’ll be happy to know that this twin fitted sheet tablecloth hack will save the day!

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How to Make a Twin Fitted Sheet Tablecloth That Works

This is one of those we-should-have-thought-of-it way sooner hacks.

If a casual tablecloth is the only thing you’re lacking for the day’s events, you’re in luck—it’s such an easy fix. Take a peek around the house for any old twin-sized fitted bed sheets, preferably one you wouldn’t mind getting crumbs or food stains on. Twin sheets are usually a perfect fit for the foldable tables commonly used as buffets for birthday parties or gatherings; they hug the corners snugly and you don’t have to worry about the tablecloth blowing around if your party is outdoors.

Once the party is over and you start the clean-up process, you may never want to buy a regular table cloth again. To reuse the fitted sheet at your next function, just toss it in the washer and store until then.

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