Turn Washing Dishes into a Spa Experience (Almost)

Washing dishes is always a chore, but make it more enjoyable by transforming your sink into a spa. A few small upgrades—better soaps, some extra decor—can make all the difference.

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If there’s one chore in this world I could do without, it would be washing dishes. Unfortunately for me, the woman without a dishwasher, it’s the one chore I have to do the most. Since I can’t get rid of dirty pots, pans and plates, I may as well embrace the washing routine—but not without making a few changes first. Why not turn this chore on its head and make it a more pleasant experience, like a trip to the spa?

Well, maybe not exactly like the spa, but definitely more pleasant and relaxing. To turn this chore from dreading it to dreamy, you can make just a few small upgrades. Sure, you’ll still have to scrub your cookie sheets, but you’ll feel better doing it! Here are a few tips to turn your sink into an (almost) oasis.

Invest in good-for-you soaps

First and foremost, washing dishes can be hard on your hands. The hot water and harsh soaps can leave you with dry, cracked hands. Definitely not a good look! The first step in turning your sink into a spa is to upgrade your dish soap. Look for formulas that are made with natural and moisturizing ingredients. Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap and J.R. Watkins formulas are packed full of natural ingredients like essential oils and aloe (plus they’re easy to find online and at stores like Target). These can help keep your hands soft while still cutting through grease. When you’re finished, be sure to moisturize your hands with a nourishing lotion (keep a pretty bottle next to the sink!) to keep your hands looking great.

If you can’t give up your favorite dish soap formula, no worries! Invest in a good pair of dish gloves (why not try an extra cute pair?). Lather up your hands with lotion before you put them on and they’ll help moisturize your hands while you work.

Upgrade the essentials

Speaking of soaps, it’s time to ditch the bottle sitting on your counter. And that ugly scrubbing wand while you’re at it! Of course these are absolutely essential for getting your dishes nice and clean, but there are prettier (and just as functional) ways to do it.

Instead of leaving that economy-sized bottle sitting out 24/7, why not pour your soap into a pretty dispenser that you don’t mind showing off on the sink? This fun Mason jar dispenser is perfect for rustic and country kitchens. Otherwise, grab an eye-catching bathroom soap dispenser—it’ll work just as well!

As for your sponges and scrubbers—keep them stashed away instead of tossing them on the edge of the sink. A nice stainless steel caddy or even a fun scrubby holder can make your sink area look more put together. Just remember to keep those sponges clean—they get dirty fast.

Finish with little extras

Of course a new brand of soap and fresh sponges aren’t enough to transform your sink from chore central to dreamy oasis. You’ll need to incorporate a few soothing extras to take your kitchen to the next level. Start by thinking about your surroundings (not just the sink). Fresh flowers or even an easy-to-keep succulent nearby can make the space feel a bit less utilitarian and more luxe. If plants aren’t you’re thing, think of upgrading the curtain over your kitchen window or hanging up some new decor—something to keep the space fresh.

And finally, don’t forget about the environment around you! Before you fill up the sink, cue up relaxing music (I can hear Enya now), a meditation track or even a fun food podcast. These will help bring on the calm and make the time go by just a bit faster.

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