This Turkey Cake Pan Is a Must-Have for Your Thanksgiving Table

Updated: May 25, 2023

Ready to up your game this Thanksgiving? This turkey cake pan will transform any ordinary cake recipe into an extraordinary dessert!

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we’re prepping our holiday menus. Of course, the classics such as turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole are on the menu. But what’s for dessert?

Move over pie, we’re using a turkey cake pan to make a stunning dessert this Thanksgiving! You can pull it off using just about any cake recipe.

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What is a turkey cake pan?

So, what is a turkey cake pan? It’s exactly what it sounds like—a baking pan that transforms a cake recipe into a Thanksgiving mascot. The design is cast in bronze aluminum for even baking. And once your cake is baked, cooled and taken out of the pan, it will reveal an intricate turkey design that speaks for itself, no frosting needed! While you might typically bake your favorite vanilla cake in an 8-inch round or square pan, or your go-to spice cake recipe in a Bundt pan, this makes for a great swap.

The cake pan is made by a Test Kitchen-trusted brand, Nordic Ware. The company’s sheet pan tops our list of best sheet pans, and this cake pan is made with the same expert craftsmanship.

How to Use a Turkey Cake Pan

Pumpkin pie will always have a seat at the Thanksgiving table, but we love to add additional desserts to the mix. This turkey cake pan will help you to put together a gorgeous display, sprucing things up in comparison to a simple circular cake or classic Bundt pan. It’s definitely a showstopper for a holiday spread. And not only can you use it to bake a cake, but you can also make cornbread or stuffing in it, or use it as a gelatin mold.

The key to using the turkey cake pan properly is to generously grease the pan. With so many grooves in the design, buttering and flouring the pan or using an excellent nonstick spray will make all the difference. Using shortening and a dusting of flour is also a great option. It’s just like prepping a Bundt pan for baking, but with more nooks and crannies to consider.

Another tip to keep in mind: Don’t overfill each side of the pan with batter. Filling the pan three-quarters of the way full will help to create a beautiful shape, without too much extra cake to trim off. Once the two halves are cooled, stand them up together on a platter to create the turkey shape.

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What Other People Are Saying

Verified reviewer Bouvette says, “The Nordic Ware molds are excellent, they last forever, make clear designs and are easy to use! Make sure to oil the pan well and sprinkle with flour before pouring the cake mix!”

5-star reviewer Evan the Dweezil says this pan was a great way to make baking fun again: “I was searching for a Bundt pan and stumbled across this gem. It was so delightfully silly that I knew I had to have it. My first cake, to try out the pan, was a real hoot (or in this case, gobble). Now that I’ve gotten the hang of using it, I’ll be able to make an impressive flock this holiday season and many to come.”

Where to Buy a Turkey Cake Pan

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Find this festive 3-D turkey cake pan at a variety of retailers for about $45. Pick it up at Target, Wayfair and Amazon. Then, get ready to watch your guests gobble up the most epic Thanksgiving decoration ever!

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