New Tropical Froot Loops Have Pineapple, Banana, Orange and Mango Flavors

This might be even better than classic Froot Loops.

The sunshine is starting to warm our spirits, but we still wish we could take a trip to the beach. Lately, our daydreams consist mostly of lounge chairs and this pineapple mimosa in our hands. It’s not possible to take a vacation right now, but we can make breakfast a bit more interesting.

What if I told you it was possible to take the bright, fruity flavors of the tropics and place them in your cereal bowl?

Froot Loops Are Taking You on a Tropical Vacation

You might already be a fan of the very colorful cereal (like me), but they’re about to transform for the summer. If you can’t go to a sunny vacation spot, why not bring some of the vacation home? The new Froot Loops cereal will adopt a limited edition orange, green and yellow color scheme.

Instagram user @cereallife gave us a sneak peek:

How cute is Toucan Sam in a Hawaiian shirt?! Let’s talk about the cereal, though. Typically, Froot Loops all taste the same despite their range of colors, but this tropical counterpart will actually have a mix of flavors. You can expect pineapple, orange, banana and mango in this box…and honestly? I think the only thing missing will be a little umbrella to complete the bowl.

This will definitely appeal to people who lined up for the Wild Berry Froot Loops.

Grab a Box Before Summer Is Over!

Tropical Froot Loops were originally released in Mexico, but they made their way to the United States this year. This new flavor is limited edition, which means they’ll premiere it for summer and then probably take it off shelves before fall. You know what that means? You have to try it ASAP!

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