Trader Joe’s Has Its Own Podcast and It’s a Must for Super Fans

Trader Joe's fans are a devoted bunch. So it's no surprise the grocery store devoted a podcast to taking customers behind the scenes.

Las Vegas - Circa July 2017: Trader Joe's Retail Strip Mall Location. Trader Joe's is a chain of specialty grocery stores in the U.S.Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

Trader Joe’s isn’t a place where people tend to shop here and there. Its devotees are diehard fans who keep coming back for the low prices, friendly staff members, and inventive foods (not to mention the extensive wine collection!). And for people who don’t grocery shop anywhere else, fans will be thrilled to know that TJ’s now has a podcast, called Inside Trader Joe’s. That’s right—shoppers can now learn more about what goes on behind the scenes, straight from the source.

The first season of the podcast includes five parts, and they’re all available on Apple Podcasts and Google Play, as well as on Stitcher and TuneIn. It’s not clear whether or not the grocery chain will eventually add future seasons, too. But for now, there’s plenty of great info in the current five episodes.

For example, the podcast’s first episode, “It’s About the Products,” gives customers insider information about some of Trader Joe’s most beloved foods. If you’re interested in more, the podcast also goes in depth about what lucky folks get to brainstorm new snacks and test the store’s offerings. The Trader Joe’s crew travels the world looking for food inspiration, but it can come from anywhere. For example, Trader Joe’s vice president of marketing product, explained on the podcast that seeing a store in Canada sell puck-shaped frozen soup inspired him to develop frozen pucks of steel-cut oats for customers here. However, some of the best insights come from the store employees themselves. We’ve got a few tips from them, too!

Inside Trader Joe’s isn’t life-changing, and it doesn’t include any secret info about, say, upcoming seasonal products at the store. But for devoted fans, there’s plenty of fun information included in the podcast. So if you’ve always wondered just how some of their most inventive foods come to be, it’s worth checking out!

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