Trader Joe’s Has Its Own Greeting Cards and They’re Under $1 a Pop

Consider this our "greeting card" to you: Trader Joe's sells its artist-designed cards for only 99 cents every single day.

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You might already know Trader Joe’s is the only place you should buy nuts, precut produce, cheese, and six other things that good ol’ “TJ” sells at ridiculously low prices. But did you know that it’s also the only place you should shop for…greeting cards?

“No, [our] Gourmet Greeting Cards aren’t edible,” the company announced earlier this month. “They are, however, unique to our stores, both in design and in price. We work with a small greeting card producer, who works directly with the artists who design the cards.” The end result is “uniquely designed cards you definitely won’t find anywhere else” at the “very tasty price of 99 cents each, every day.”

Why You Should Stock Up

Seriously, Trader Joe’s “Gourmet Greeting Cards” are a virtual steal compared with the $4.99 greeting cards at card and stationery stores.

And if you’re wondering what you give up by buying greeting cards along with your produce, nuts, and frozen entrees, apparently, the answer is “nothing.” In fact, Reddit contributors rave about TJ’s greeting cards for years. Recently, Reddit contributor fumbleswithcrabpuffs identified Trader Joe’s greeting cards as her top Trader Joe’s recommendation, to which Reddit contributor dibblyfresh replied: “They’re the best cards! I actually have a bunch of them (that are wordless) framed as art prints.”

It would be downright silly not to stock up! While you’re shopping for greeting cards, don’t miss Trader Joe’s drool-worthy deep dish chocolate chip cookies. And once your friends and family catch on, you’ll need something to do with all the cards you receive (after you’re done displaying them). Make sure you check out our 10 crafty ideas that are perfect for greeting card-repurposing.

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