These TikToks of a Little Boy Thanking His Mom for Food Are Bound to Brighten Your Day

A toddler on TikTok is going viral for his manners—and his mom is going viral for her amazing culinary creations.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been curing the quarantine blues with TikTok. (You can even find Taste of Home on TikTok now!) So far, we’ve learned how to make whipped coffee—among other whipped creations—how to fill our ice cube trays and even how to “milk” cucumbers. Now, we’re learning proper manners from a little boy who just can’t stop saying “thank you.”

A toddler on TikTok is going viral for politely thanking his mama for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here’s a little heart-warmer to start your week.

TikTok’s Adorable Child Star Is a Foodie!

Grey from @GreyandMama on TikTok is a 2-year-old who can’t get enough of his mom’s cooking, and we can’t blame him! Every dish she doles out is loaded with love, fruits and veggies. Grey has gotten into the habit of thanking her for every individual meal, and it’s just too darn cute.

@greyandmamaYes, he is this polite. Yes, he eats whatever I give him. No, this is not all for him. 🥰 & thank you all for 1M!! ##thankyoumama ##foodie ##toddler♬ original sound – greyandmama

According to “Mama,” Grey eats everything she gives him and is happy to share with others. She serves him homemade spring rolls, tacos and even cheese plates. He loves olives, too!

@greyandmamaJust a little happy to get you through the week. Also – is it weird that grey loves loves loves olives?! ##familytime ##foodfam ##foodie ##thankyoumama♬ original sound – greyandmama

We’re Taking a Page Out of Mama’s Recipe Book

If you’ve got a pair of little hands in the fridge at all times, you can recreate Mama’s A+ cooking at home. These kids recipes (that aren’t chicken nuggets) are perfect for even picky eaters. You can even make your own spring rolls, smoothie bowls and adorable breakfasts, like rainbow waffles, for kiddos who can’t help but play with their food.

You’ll have your little ones saying “thank you” just like Grey in no time!

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