TikTok Videos of Home Organization Are Ridiculously Satisfying to Watch

I wish I had her motivation!

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While cleaning the house may not be the most glamorous way to spend the day, it’s a necessary task. And while we’ve been looking for spring cleaning hacks these past few weeks, it seems like there’s always more and more to do! So, how can we make tidying easier on ourselves while making it enjoyable at the same time?

Take a page from the book of Catherine Benson, aka @_catben_. She’s one of the queens of TikTok home organization—and we can see why. Catherine has the ideas you need to make your house as tidy as can be!

The Best Home Organization TikToks

If you’re anything like me, you can’t function properly when you know there’s a mess somewhere in your house. Whether it’s because the oven needs cleaning or your kids (or dogs) have strewn toys in places you didn’t even know they could, we’ve all got areas to work on.

That’s why Catherine gets all that much-deserved attention—she’s got organization down to a science! And yes, it’s fascinating. I could watch her refill fridge containers ALL day:

@_catben_Random refills & restocks around the house! 🤩🤩🤩 #refill #restock #organizedhome #momlife #thisandthatwithcat #asmr♬ original sound – Catherine Benson

From refilling soap bottles and cereal containers to replacing old shower poufs, she seems to do it all! The reason we tend to find videos like these so satisfying is that we often want to tidy up ourselves…but we don’t always have the time.

On top of that, how does she always have the exact container to fit everything!? It’s a science I didn’t even know existed.

@_catben_Random refills & restocks around the house! 🤩 #restock #refill #organizedhome #momlife #asmr #thisandthatwithcat♬ original sound – Catherine Benson

We found the best storage containers to get your house in order.

Products That Make Organizing Easy

As if she read our minds, Catherine even has Amazon recommendations for home organization goodies. Check out the woven toilet paper basket from her video above, or some of the simple yet elegant soap dispensers. If you’re a sucker for food storage, you need this set of airtight storage jars to refresh your pantry.

I think she’s given us all the motivation we needed to tidy up! And now that your space is neat, perk things up with some design ideas from the Property Brothers.

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