People on TikTok Just Realized There’s a GENIUS Reason for the Flat Spots on Ice Cube Trays

Have you ever wondered why ice cube trays have flat spots between the cubes? Wonder no longer!

With the help of TikTok, we’re learning all kinds of tricks during our quarantine downtime. Whipped coffee is our new morning go-to (you can even do whipped chai now!), and cucumbers taste 10 times better if you milk them first, with help from a TikTok video tutorial. The home cooks of TikTok aren’t done yet, though, because this ice cube tray hack is the next viral trend.

Did you realize those flat spots on your ice cube tray serve a purpose? We didn’t, but we’ll be filling up our trays like this from now on.

Skip the Splashing with This Technique

We all understand the struggle of filling up the ice tray. It’s a minor annoyance, but it can take longer than necessary, and it may be hard to dodge those sporadic splashes. Thankfully, this TikTok user found a much more helpful—and ingenious—way to literally get your fill.

Turns out those flat spots on your ice cube tray are incredibly useful. All you have to do is run your water over one of these spots, and it evenly disperses the flow into all four of the surrounding cubes. Smart, right?

If you didn’t realize you could do this with your ice cube tray, don’t worry; plenty of commenters were flabbergasted, too. We always thought these spots were just for convenient stacking in the freezer. Speaking of, here’s how to organize your freezer the right way.

What Else Can Your Ice Cube Tray Do?

If you think about it, ice cube trays can do more than cool down your drink. You can freeze milk for iced coffee, mold cookie dough and use them to organize your junk drawer (because we all have one). Here are a few other ways to hack your ice cube tray.

You don’t have to stick to the standard, old square shape, either—these fun and funky ice cube trays belong in your freezer.

Laurie Dixon
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