TikTok’s Latest “Can We Switch Food” Pranks Are Going Viral—and It’s Adorable

This viral TikTok trend is super cute and has some hilarious reactions!

During quarantine, TikTok has really taken the viral video world by storm. The creators over on the social media app have given us an insurmountable number of kitchen and cleaning hacks, which we wholeheartedly thank them for. You know, like how to clean a burnt pan, fill an ice cube tray or efficiently clean a blender (which totally works!).

And, while we totally love them for making our lives that much easier, that’s not all TikTok has to offer. If you don’t know what I mean, check out this adorable little boy saying, “thank you,” to his mom every time she hands him food. It’s so adorable, I think my heart might explode!

“Can We Switch?” Is the Latest Viral Trend

The basis of the prank is simple: you see your family member, significant other, best friend or roommate snacking on something tasty. You grab a snack yourself, offer to switch with them and record their reaction. Sometimes you’ll get a smile, and other times, you’ll get confusion and hesitance with a little bit of side-eye. Either way, the reactions are too marvelous to ignore.

@olsennchrisThe ENDD lol @ianpaget_♬ original sound – Chris Olsen

This video posted by TikTok user @olsennchris is a particular favorite of ours. The video starts with a shot of a man—named Ian—at a laptop, munching on a bag of chips. An off-screen voice asks, “can I try some?” with Ian’s response being immediate confusion, followed with reluctant agreement. The off-screen voice then proceeds to try the chips and instead offers Ian to “switch” their snacks, to which our subject seems utterly baffled to say the least. He answers with, “but I don’t want these,” and proceeds to plead his case as to why he chose those chips in particular, and why he believes he should have them back. These two are too funny.

Do You Dare Try This Prank?

Think you could try this with anyone you know? Give it a shot and see what hilarious reactions you can produce! I know for a fact if I tried this with any of my roommates, they’d laugh right in my face. Nothing’s better than a little prank now and again though, right?

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