A New Restaurant Is Coming to Disneyland—Here’s Everything We Know

The latest establishment is inspired by The Princess and the Frog!

It looks like the happiest place on Earth has a classic Disney fairy tale entering the eatery chat. The Princess and the Frog is about to get its very own Disneyland restaurant tribute. We’re already getting our Disney Princess dinnerware ready for this one!

According to Disneyland Resort, Princess Tiana’s reimagined dream restaurant is arriving at New Orleans Square later this year! We’ve got the details on all of the upcoming Disney princess magic.

What do we know about the new The Princess and the Frog restaurant so far?

The restaurant is inspired by the plot of the film, in which “Tiana transformed an old sugar mill into her dream restaurant,” writes Kelsey Lynch, Disneyland Resort’s Public Relations Director in a Disney parks blog post.

Fittingly, the dream restaurant will be called “Tiana’s Palace.”

New Orleans Square already has tons of Tiana-inspired hot spots like Eudora’s Chic Boutique Featuring Tiana’s Gourmet Secrets. Tiana’s Palace will be the cherry on top of the continuation of Tiana’s story.

Where will the restaurant be located?

Situated in New Orleans Square, the restaurant “will be the newest restaurant on Orleans Street,” Lynch states.

However, the restaurant is taking the place of the French Market Restaurant. Sadly, the French Market Restaurant will only be open until Feb. 17 so construction can take place.

What will the restaurant look like?

Thanks to Disney Imagineers—creative experts who design all things Disney—in partnership with Disney Animation artists, we already have an idea of what Tiana’s Palace may look like. The exterior of the French Market Restaurant has been reimagined to give Disney lovers a sneak peek. And it really does look like a dream come to life!

Lynch paints a picture of the imagined restaurant: “Within its peach-colored walls and fancy green wrought-iron balconies” diners can “find elegant fixtures and appointments reminiscent of Tiana’s life and friendships.” Count us in.

Not to mention, pinches of “pizzazz and flair” will be prevalent, as the blog reports. There’s no doubt there may be some 1920s inspo included as well—the time period of the beloved story.

What will the menu offer?

Get ready for some New Orleans favorites!

According to Lynch, “the menu at Tiana’s Palace will expand on many of the current favorites served in the location, explore seasonal flavors and, of course, offer some New Orleans classics. Tiana’s Palace is sure to be a gathering place for friends and family to enjoy great food and celebrate together, just like Tiana and her father James dreamed of.”

The restaurant will also have a “quick-service style” atmosphere with flavors “inspired by Tiana’s friends and adventures.”

Are there any other new attractions coming?

The Princess and the Frog fans may be extra thrilled to learn another Tiana-inspired attraction will also open at Disneyland! In 2024, an attraction called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will open. You’ll be able to fill up on jambalaya, beignets and more before heading to the new Tiana-inspired adventure!

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