This Viral Video Shows You How to Prevent “Batter Splatter”

It's nearly impossible to mix up a quick batch of cupcakes without some of the batter ending up on the walls and cupboards.

If you weren’t comfortable in the kitchen before TikTok, there’s a good possibility you’re well on your way to becoming a pro now. Every day, there’s a new kitchen TikTok hack that makes our lives a little easier and our meals a little more delicious… like this shortcut for peeling potatoes.

Now we have a clever trick to keep your counters clean when mixing batter. You’ll never guess how simple it is!

You’ll Need a Paper Plate

If you’ve ever tried to mix up a quick batch of brownies or cupcakes, you’ve probably dealt with the splatter that comes along with it. We’ve all been there. Which is why this hack from TikTok user @howdoesshe stopped us in our tracks! Not only is it a lifesaver in the kitchen, it’s so simple, it left us wondering how we never thought of it.

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The secret? A paper plate. Before using your hand mixer, poke the beaters through some holes in a paper plate. You’ll have a super quick, cheap and easy shield that will protect your cupboards and counters from an unnecessary mess.

Ready, Set, Bake!

Now that TikTok has solved this problem, it’s time to bake. We can’t wait to roll up our sleeves, put on a fun apron and start working on our favorite spring baking recipes. From tangy tarts to savory scones, there are so many wonderful options!

P.S. With your oven working overtime, you’ll want to check out this TikTok oven-cleaning hack.

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