This New Ice Cream Bar Is PACKED with Sour Skittles

Skittles plus ice cream equals perfection.

If you’re a fan of Skittles, you might want to sit down—because this news will blow your mind. No, the brand isn’t reviving Zombie Skittles (although we’re not even sure we want them to), but this news is totally epic. Like, we’re ready to taste the rainbow in a cool new way.

The brand is releasing sour Skittles ice cream bars, and we cannot possibly calm down. Here’s everything we know about these brand-new treats!

What’s in the Sour Skittles Ice Cream?

These desserts sound delightful—if you’re a fan of sour food, that is. The bars are described as “fruity flavour ice cream with candies, wrapped in a sour fruit sorbet.” In other words, fruity ice cream studded with sour Skittles, wrapped in more sour sorbet! So at least two of the three components here are sour, which we’re totally OK with.

It looks like every package only contains three bars, so we’re guessing the sour is pretty powerful. It sounds like a mouth-watering treat!

Where Can I Buy Them?

OK, we have bad news. Right now, it looks like these are limited to the U.K. only. (They get all the good stuff, right?!) It’s not clear when they’ll hit stores in the U.S., but we certainly hope it’s soon.

If you’re desperate to chomp on Skittles in frozen form, there is a silver lining. Earlier this year, the brand came out with Skittles ice pops—they come in packs of 10, with strawberry, green apple, orange and grape all included in one pack. And yes, those are available in the United States.

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