This NEW Bag of Baking Mix-Ins Has Peanut Butter Chips, Candy Eggs and PRETZELS

The more mix-ins the better, if you ask me me! I mean, who doesn't want cookies full of peanut butter chips AND pretzels?

With so much time spent at home in 2020, baking has become a staple of home life—if it hadn’t been already. And now, our old pal Nestle is helping us create some new treats to sweeten our eats. (They’re seriously the best of the best when it comes to chocolate chips, butterscotch and all the rest!). Nestle is dropping a bag of baking mix-ins this Easter that are SO good, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

Morsels, Pretzels and More, Oh My!

There’s no way we could let you live your lovely lives without telling you about these amazing new mix-ins! If you were a big fan of the Santa’s Trash cookies or the Halloween Trash cookies, these are the perfect bags for you. The line is called Morsels & More because they’re filled with exactly that! Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Nestle Toll House Spring Easter Basket Morsels & More: Includes peanut butter-flavored morsels, pretzel sticks and a colorful array of candy eggs. The best combinations are a bit of salty and sweet, don’t you think? Each bag is 8 ounces and goes for $3.99.

What Can I Make with These Mix-Ins?

According to Nestle, these bags are “the perfect topping, mix-in or snack.” Try the Spring Easter Basket mix in an Easter-themed chocolate chip cookie recipe or blondie.

Where Can I Find These?

These guys went nationwide starting in February, so it’s possible they’re already at a store near you! Check your local grocery store’s baking aisle—you won’t want to miss these. As soon as you get a few bags, you know what to do. Get baking ASAP!

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