This Is the Most Popular Fourth of July Food in Your State

I know what I'm bringing to my party this year!

The Fourth of July is the most American of holidays. You’ll hear fireworks every day of the month, see waves of red, white and blue decor, and desperately try to figure out how you’ll make it to all the barbecues you’ve been invited to. And what the heck am I supposed to bring as my side dish? There are so many choices!

Well, this recent research shows us the most popular Fourth of July food from every state. Let’s dig in.

The Most Popular Fourth of July Food Is…Potato Salad!

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The results are based on research done by time2play. The information was analyzed by gathering the Google search volume trends of over 100 different types of food leading up to the Fourth of July. Here are the top five:

  1. Potato salad (10 states)
  2. Baked beans (8 states)
  3. Deviled eggs, macaroni salad, smoked brisket, grilled corn (5 states each)
  4. Red, white and blue fruit pizza (4 states)
  5. Smoked ribs (3 states)

Are you surprised? Honestly, I can’t say I am. Potato salad somehow finds its way into every single family get-together. And not just any potato salad, but German potato salad. I could eat an entire bowl of that all by myself.

My state, Illinois, has baked beans as its most popular dish. I can’t say baked beans have ever been a staple at our family parties, but maybe I’m too focused on the potato salad. However, the deviled eggs and grilled corn I can absolutely get behind! Just remember to bring enough butter.

But We Weren’t Expecting This

There will always be a few outliers when it comes to nationwide trends. Only two states, Idaho and New York, claimed coleslaw. Even more interesting, only Mississippi chose fried chicken. You’d think fried chicken, one of the most American dishes known to man, would have been higher up on the list. Who would have thought?

The most interesting of all though has to be the red, white and blue fruit pizza. I didn’t even know that was a thing, let alone popular enough to get four states behind it. Looks like Iowa, North Dakota, Nebraska and Minnesota like to keep their Fourth of July desserts colorful, tasty and healthy. Maybe I’ll make some patriotic fruit pizzas myself this year!

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