This ‘Friends’-Inspired Slow Cooker Will Be There for You

Channel your inner Monica with this Friends-themed appliance.

With Friends recently celebrating its silver anniversary (that’s 25 years!) there has been a wave of themed merch commemorating everyone’s favorite TV show. You might remember when Pottery Barn got into the act. Sure, mugs and welcome mats are great, but what about a Friends slow cooker?

TV and movie-themed memorabilia shop BoxLunch is there for you. The online store is selling a Friends-themed slow cooker that has a colorful ’90s vibe with catchphrases like “How YOU doin’?” and illustrations of New York motifs like taxi cabs and the Empire State Building, plus the fountain used in the opening montage and a comfy Central Perk couch front and center.

Where to Find This Slow Cooker

BoxLunch is selling the 6.5 quart Friends slow cooker for $60, with 25% off with the code BLGIFTS. Sadly, it’s sold out at the moment. But if you need to feed a crowd, the Friends-themed triple slow cooker is in stock and only $10 more than the single version. This three-pot slow cooker is crying out for a dinner party. Round up some friends of your own, channel your inner Monica and put those three crocks to work.

Need inspiration? Try some of these hearty slow cooker recipes or show your devotion to the TV show by tackling these recipes inspired by Friends. You’re going to want to make the “the best sandwich in the world,” aka Joey’s meatball sub. The Italian meatballs get simmered low and slow and get stuffed into hoagie buns and topped with melted provolone and spicy pepperoncini.

Could a sandwich BE any tastier?

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