The Two Breakfast Foods Ree Drummond Keeps in Her Freezer

You can still eat a delicious breakfast, even on the busiest mornings. Ree Drummond's here to save the day with a few tricks.

Some mornings it’s tough to get out the door, right? Seems almost impossible to cook something when you only have time to scarf something down quick—especially if you have extra mouths to feed. Well, Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, has tips to solve your morning woes with the tricks up her sleeve.

Here’s the trick: Make it now, freeze for later!

We already know that Ree Drummond keeps a few desserts in the freezer during the summertime, but her freezer also has a few breakfast foods for easy mornings. In a recent episode on her TV show, Ree revealed her go-to freezer breakfasts. And they look absolutely scrumptious.

That’s right: freezer breakfast panini and blueberry streusel croissants. Take a cue from Ree and her Pioneer Woman meal prep and freeze up our Bistro Breakfast Panini or these Blueberry Streusel Muffins. Just pop them in the toaster oven while you get ready, and munch on them before heading out the door! Easy peasy.

Freezer Breakfasts You'll Want to Have on Hand
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Pro meal prep from the Pioneer Woman

Well, she is a pro, right? At the Oklahoma ranch, meal prep is a matter of survival if Ree Drummond wants to host big groups. She is all about prepping food and making life easier throughout the week. One of our writers was even able to gather 10 meal prep tricks from Ree Drummond just by watching her show!

Now, what about dinner? Make it a super quick task with a slow cooker! Like us, Ree Drummond is a huge fan of the slow cooker (and the Instant Pot). She loves to make these slow cooker meals for busy weeknights.

All hail the Pioneer Woman and her genius meal prep tricks!

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