Here’s the Smartest Way to Bring Pie to a Potluck

You've been invited to bring your famous apple pie to a party. But instead of preparing it in a pie pan, use a casserole dish!

PSA: Your homemade apple pies don’t have to be circular! Skip the pie plate and bake a pie in a rectangular casserole dish instead. You may never go back to a traditional round pie pan. I’ll tell you why…

There’s More Fruit Filling

Let’s do some simple math to justify the case for a rectangular pie: With its larger size, baking a pie in a 13×9-inch casserole dish will result in more filling. So the filling-to-crust ratio will be better than in a 9-inch circular pie. If you’ve regularly seen folks leaving excess crust on their finished plates, it’s time to switch to a casserole dish.

Start with this fabulous recipe for apple-cranberry pie or a deep-dish apple pie developed for the casserole dish. You can also strike out on your own by keeping in mind that you’ll need to up your standard filling ingredients depending on the width and depth of the larger dish.

You Can Plate Up More Pieces

Maximize the number of bites per pie! How so? A bigger, rectangular pie will naturally yield more pieces, and thereby feed more folks.

Square slices are also much more efficient to cut, serve and eat than triangular slices from circular pies. Plus, the whole dessert gains a bit of a rustic look that sets it apart from standard pies.

Looking for the perfect dish to carry your pies (and, well, casseroles)? Here are the casserole dishes we’d love to cook with.

It’s Easier to Transport

Nearly-unbreakable glass, ceramic and aluminum casserole dishes are designed to be sturdy—and easy to transfer from your oven to the table. They travel well! Many, if not most, casserole dishes come with a lid for sealing in all that sweet goodness.

No lid? Cover your pie in foil and slide your dish into that casserole carrier you got at your wedding shower but have rarely used. (That might be just me, though.)

Next time you’re making pie for a hungry crowd, prepare it in a casserole dish. We’re confident that this will become your new go-to pie plan. “Crust” us!

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