This Is the Right Way to Insert a Coffee Filter

Your filter will finally fit correctly.

Using a coffeemaker isn’t exactly rocket science. You measure out your grounds, put them in the filter, add some water and let the machine work its magic. There’s just one step that trips up even the biggest coffee addicts: sticking in that oddly shaped filter. Be sure to avoid these common coffee mistakes.

As popular as paper coffee filters are, their shape seems a bit awkward for the machine. Once you unfold the conical filter and put it in the filter box, it wants to close in on itself, so you keep awkwardly pulling at it to make it sit correctly. But it turns out there’s an easier way to make your cup of Joe—and it all comes down to following directions. just revealed that coffee filter boxes have directions that most home baristas ignore. You know those crimped edges on the bottom and one side of a filter? They’re not just seams keeping the filter together; they’re actually designed to keep your coffee filter upright. These coffee products will make you feel like a real barista.


Next time, before you even think about how many grounds to add, fold the filter on both of those seams. That often-missed step will flatten the bottom and strengthen the side, so it will stay in place while your coffee is made. For once, your filter won’t break while your coffee is brewing, and the grinds won’t make a mess of your machine.

Congrats! You’re well on your way to getting a great morning pick-me-up and the easiest cleanup ever. But that’s not the only way you can step up your coffee game. Next, browse these spot-on copycat coffee recipes.


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