This Missing Skittles Flavor Is Back…but Not for Long

After a four-year hiatus, an old favorite Skittles flavor is back in packages. We've got the scoop on where to find 'em and how long they'll be around.

Skittles in large white letters written on a red surface and surrounded by skittles on all sides

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Skittles has served up rainbow-colored chewy candies since 1979. For decades, their Original packs boasted a quintet of can’t-miss fruit flavors: orange, lemon, lime, grape and strawberry.

Suddenly, in 2013, that original cast changed. The classic lime Skittle was moved from the Original pack to the new “Darkside Skittles” variety, which featured tropical-tinged fruits like pomegranate, dark berry and blood orange. (Its name was also changed to “Midnight Lime.”)

With the well-known motto “Taste the Rainbow,” Skittles wouldn’t dare remove the green-shelled candies from its trademark Original packs altogether. It did, however, turn the green-shelled candy into green apple flavor. Sneaky!

Die-hard consumers were furious about this tweak in the Rainbow. A petition started online asking former president Barack Obama to encourage Wrigley/Mars Inc. to bring the original flavor back. Facebook pages were formed in honor of the lost limes, gathering over 3,000 followers. People across the globe headed to Twitter to fight for lime’s comeback. The Internet raged, and now, after four bitter years of war, the company has caved.

On June 22, 2017, Skittles’ official Twitter account announced: Lime is back for a limited time. This is not a drill.


While supplies last, you’ll find the lime candies reunited with the other classic flavors in the Original Skittles packages in Walmart stores nationwide. (They’re perfect for eating on their own, straight out of the bag, but they make great toppings for other desserts as well!)

So why isn’t Skittles just replacing the seemingly hated green apple flavor for good? Well, it turns out that as much as some people seethed about the loss of lime, a silent majority preferred the softer flavor of green apple… or just ate them too quickly to notice. Skittles sales have only increased since replacing lime in 2013, which means the current Rainbow probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The bad news? Looks like your beloved long-lost limes won’t be making a permanent return in the near future.

The good news? If you’re still craving that treasured lime tang, you can get it from many other desserts-no green apples required!

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