The One Treat Ree Drummond’s Kids Request When They’re Home

Her kids are SO lucky!

Even when you’ve got the all-you-can-eat options at the university’s dining hall, nothing beats Mom’s homemade cooking. There’s just something about her cooking that turns dinner into edible gold. This is especially true if you’re a child of blogger and TV personality Ree Drummond. Because when Mom is a celebrity chef, you know you’re getting a good meal every time you come home to do some laundry. And we would know, especially after cooking like the Pioneer Woman for a week.

This is especially true for Paige, Ree Drummond’s daughter, who recently came home from college to watch her brother play football. On her return trip, she asked Ree if she would whip up a chocolate cake for her and her friends in her dorm. So what did the Pioneer Woman do? She made that chocolate cake and slathered it with some delicious looking chocolate icing for all of Twitter to revel in.

In a short Twitter video, Ree poured some chocolate icing over this ginormous chocolate sheet cake. She manages to pour that icing so perfectly, she doesn’t even use a spatula to spread it all out. Ree is officially Mom of the Year.

It seems to be a popular choice for her six kids. Since daughter Alex had to fly back to her school, she couldn’t take a cake with her. But she definitely dug in to that icing bowl after Ree’s perfect pour. Who could resist a delicious bowl of leftover icing after watching that? Certainly not I!

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