The Legendary House from “The Golden Girls” Is FOR SALE Right Now

We can't even begin to imagine all the cheesecakes we'd bake in the kitchen of the Golden Girls house.

You’re relaxing on your couch watching some TV when you see that familiar flash of Blanche’s home exterior. The theme song begins to play in your head (“Thank you for being a friend”), and suddenly you’re laughing at one of Dorothy’s scathing quips or watching as the girls gather in the kitchen for a much-needed drink or a slice of cheesecake. A great deal of memories were made by the women in that house, and now, it could be yours!

That’s right. The famous Golden Girls house is now officially up for sale, and it has some surprises in store.

Don’t Judge a House By Its Exterior

This may or may not come as a total shock, but the house interior used for The Golden Girls is not the same interior as the actual house you see at the beginning of each episode. Yes, unfortunately, that living room and lanai we all know and love is actually just a set. The house isn’t even in Miami, but rather 245 N. Saltair Avenue in Brentwood, Los Angeles. That doesn’t mean we love it any less, though. The mid-century modern home is its own slice of time, and it’s absolutely beautiful. The lightly-tinted ’50s exterior combined with an assortment of luscious palm plants definitely fit the Miami vibe, but the interior will honestly surprise you.

The four-bedroom was designed and inspired by Japanese and Hawaiian architecture. Built by award-winning Hawaiian architects Johnson and Perkins in 1955, the home includes incredible high-beamed ceilings to create expansive volume and floor-to-ceiling glass to connect rooms and create visual space. The backyard patio is the perfect spot for family get-togethers. Soft colors produce a calming atmosphere and a simple beauty. You’ll even find Japanese shoji screens between rooms.

The price of the house is currently set at $2,999,000 and is a total of 2,901 square feet. The layout is exquisitely charming and feels as though you could easily drift from one section of the house to another with its delightfully open floor plan. The built-in cabinets give the home its own unique taste while inviting its owners to invent their own style.

The most exciting element in the entire house is, of course, the kitchen. With beautifully wide windows, built-in wall shelves and an unbelievable amount of counter space, it’s the kitchen of dreams. Painted in a lovely turquoise and avocado green, you’ll find sleek and modern appliances mixed with a cool, retro style. Some might even call it the retro-future!

Who Wants Some Cheesecake?

Although the inside may not be the same as on The Golden Girls, that doesn’t mean we can’t honor it as such. I’ve always loved the unique style of the ’50s, and this home is the perfect time capsule of history. I’d find myself filling the open areas with era-appropriate furnishings to really play up the Mid-Century Modern decor.

You may even find me singing “I Wonder Why” by Dion in the gorgeous kitchen while baking up some of my favorite cheesecake recipes—Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia would definitely approve. Not long after, I’d be cracking out my Golden Girls cookbook and whipping up some vintage recipes for my three favorite roommates.

This house is the perfect place to make some golden memories, don’t you think?

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