The Fresh Market’s New Guacamole Cheese Gives Us the Best of Both Worlds

You heard us right: GUACAMOLE CHEESE.

Sure, avocados are tasty on your breakfast toast and chicken taco salad. But do ‘cados belong in cheese? A Dutch cheesemaker says yes, and now you can buy a wedge of guacamole cheese at The Fresh Market!

This Is What’s in Guacamole Cheese

Amanti Guacamole Cheese, produced by Holland-based cheese company Daily Dairy, combines a cow’s milk Gouda base with the flavors of avocado, lime juice, chili, tomato, onion and garlic. The cheese itself is a mid-toned green in color, speckled with red chili flakes, and cocooned by a dark green rind.

Intrigued, but not quite sure what to use it for? Here are a couple suggestions:

Is this guacamole cheese what dreams are made of? Maybe!

When Can I Get It?

Just in time for your Cinco de Mayo party! You can find this funky cheese in all Fresh Market locations. It retails for $24.99 per pound, but you can purchase it in smaller wedges based on your cheese needs.

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