This Viral Hack Explains What to Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers

Perfect serving sizes perfectly packed for a perfect after-Thanksgiving meal!

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It’s that special time of year for turkey, potatoes, corn, cranberries, pecan and pumpkin pie. We’ve got a lot to do. Whether you’re prepping your shopping list for hosting your first official Thanksgiving, or you’re a seasoned veteran with all the best tips and tricks, it’s a busy time for everyone. And when the day finally comes and everyone’s eyes are glued to the Macy’s Day Parade on the TV, you’re already thinking about the aftermath.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a pretty sweet hack for what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers.

Here’s How to Send Thanksgiving Leftovers With Guests

You know we can always count on Brunch with Babs to give us the best food hacks for any occasion.

@brunchwithbabs The only way to do leftovers on Thanksgiving #friendsgiving #thanksgiving ♬ original sound – everyone’s grandmother

We love new ideas for leftovers, and this one is so simple. All you need are a few disposable cupcake tins and matching lids. The tins should have at least 4 to 6 open spots for maximum leftovers.

Have each of your guests take a cupcake tin and choose whatever Thanksgiving food they’d like to take home. Each separate spot in the cupcake tins is the perfect serving size for the next day. No more stuffing all your food into four different storage containers. They also keep all your food separate so you don’t get any weird mixings! But we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.

When you’re ready to reheat your leftovers, simply place the entire tin in the oven. Everything cooks at the same time, and you don’t need to reuse any other dishes. Talk about the best way to reheat Thanksgiving leftovers!

You can grab disposable cupcake tins from Walmart and Amazon.

What Can I Do With My Thanksgiving Leftovers?

Depending on the type of leftover, some items can stay good for up to two weeks. But we all know that food isn’t staying in the fridge (or freezer) for that long. Here are some great leftover recipes to try:

However you decide to eat your leftovers, we know you’re going to love ’em all over again.

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Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Recipes
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