These Telescoping Marshmallow Sticks Make S’mores Prep So Much Sweeter

Cooking over the campfire has never been easier thanks to these telescoping marshmallow sticks.

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No backyard bonfire would truly be complete without an ooey-gooey s’more to munch on. And it’s a well-known fact that the secret to the most delicious homemade s’more is a perfectly roasted marshmallow. However, we know all too well achieving the ideal balance of crispy golden outside and melted sticky center can be difficult. Too often you end up with an over- or undercooked mallow.

That’s where telescoping marshmallow sticks come in. Designed to make roasting marshmallows easier, they’re a game-changer for fire pit and campfire cooking.

What is a telescoping marshmallow stick?

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Rather than crowding close to open flames at risk of burning your marshmallow or worse, burning yourself, these telescoping marshmallow sticks extend to get food closer to the fire without standing right in front of it. While the stick measures just 10 inches in its condensed form, it extends nearly 2.5 feet long. This design allows you to stand further from the fire and still roast mallows or hotdogs comfortably. The coated wooden handle is ultra-comfortable to hold while lounging fire-side and durable stainless steel skewers withstand high heat and frequent use.

When you’re ready to go from the backyard bonfire to the campground, these sticks fit perfectly inside the included heat-resistant carrying bag. Plus, there are removable rubber tips on the skewers to protect against accidental pokes. Genius!

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Why I Love It

Even if you start with the best marshmallows, you still have to master the roasting process to get the desired sticky sweet treat. These telescoping marshmallow sticks help you do just that, safely and easily. Because they’re so long when fully extended, you can roast marshmallows from a safe distance away from the fire, reducing the risk of accidental burns. This makes them ideal for curious kiddos who may get a little excited about their s’mores and lean too close to the fire. Bonus: You can partake in mallow roasting without overheating or inhaling a ton of smoke—perfect for campfires on a balmy summer evening.

Now for the real kicker: The thumb wheel on the handle’s base easily rotates the stick with just the movement of your thumb. Meaning, no more uncomfortable twisting. The result? An evenly cooked mallow that’s golden brown all over, instead of burnt on one side and raw on the other.

But Don’t Take My Word For It!

Over 4,700 shoppers and Taste of Home editors can’t stop talking about this innovation in bonfire cooking:

“I’ll admit, I’m not much of a marshmallow eater. But these telescoping sticks may change my mind,” says Senior Shopping Editor, Katie Bandurski. “They make the process of twirling and toasting so. much. fun. I love that the marshmallows stay securely in place—no matter how gooey they get—and you can roast two at a time. I plan on using these for other campfire treats, too, like kabobs and hot dogs. ” 

Verified Amazon reviewer, Cherie, says, “The tongs are the right size to hold several marshmallows or dogs, and the weight of the metal is light enough to be light in your hands but strong enough to not bend under the weight of the dogs. The telescoping part is awesome—no more scorched hands.”

The thumb dial is one of the biggest highlights: “You can rotate the stick with your thumb. I don’t think I need to say anything more. I was not expecting this,” raves Dawn Roden, another five-star Amazon reviewer. “I could sit in my chair with marshmallow on my stick and use my thumb and rotate my marshmallow for a perfect golden brown delicious treat.”

Where to Buy Telescoping Marshmallow Sticks

Telescoping Marshmallow Sticksvia merchant

Ready for the easiest—and tastiest—campfire cooking experience? You can buy these particular telescoping marshmallow sticks on Amazon for $32 for a set of five. Now you just need the rest of the best ingredients for s’mores to get cooking!

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