Red, White and Blue Oreos Are Here Just in Time for the 4th of July

We can't get over how deliciously beautiful—and patriotic—these Red, White and Blue Oreos are!

The hits just keep coming with Oreo! The brand announced two new flavors for 2020 that we instantly fell in love with: Chocolate Marshmallow and Caramel Coconut. That’s just the tip of the Oreo iceberg, though.

Oreo is going red, white and blue with its new patriotic Oreo. It screams America at first bite, and it’s the perfect treat for the Fourth of July!

What’s in the Red, White and Blue Oreo?

Announced back in February, these star-spangled Oreos are triple-stuffed with red, white and blue creme. Sure, the flag-themed creme might taste just like a regular Oreo, but it looks so deliciously patriotic. They were originally themed for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and originally dubbed Team USA Oreos, but since the Olympics were postponed in the wake of coronavirus, Oreo has decided to release these colorful cookies just in time for Independence Day.

@CandyHunting on Instagram first spotted these Oreos (and matching Chips Ahoy! cookies) out in the wild. We can’t help but crave all that red, white and blue!

When Will They Be Available?

According to CandyHunting, both red, white and blue Oreos and their Chips Ahoy! counterparts are available right now at Walmart. The Oreos also available for $5.95 a pop on Oreo’s website.

If you want to celebrate the red, white and blue theme on your own, we have tri-colored desserts that will have you all set for the Olympics as well as 4th of July. From Red, White and Blue Berry Pie to Star-Spangled Parfaits, there are plenty of Uncle Sam-approved treats.

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