White Texas Sheet Cake

There must be something wonderful about this cake—with its creamy frosting and light almond flavor, no one can stop at just one piece!

There must be something wonderful about Joanie Ward’s White Texas Sheet Cake. The reader from Brownsburg, Indiana sent in her recipe in 1993 and the Taste of Home group quickly published it. As Joanie explained at the time, “With its creamy frosting and light almond flavor, no one can stop at just one piece!”

That certainly is still accurate today.

The absolutely delicious, tried-and-true recipe caught the eye of many readers. In fact, it’s a favorite of Springfield, Massachusetts’ Kaye Buckley, who wrote asking if we could make it lighter.

The makeover crew tackled the classic cake’s batter first, replacing half the butter with unsweetened applesauce. To do this, they also had to reduce the amount of water to keep the same proportion of water to butter. Then, they reduced the sugar by 1/2 cup. Surprisingly, the cake kept plenty of its sweetness. Since reduced-fat sour cream is very similar in texture to full-fat sour cream and usually bakes well, they decided to make that switch, too.

They started the frosting step by reducing the total amount slightly and found that it wasn’t really missed. Full-fat butter was changed to reduced-fat. And they trimmed back on calorie- and fat-laden nuts. To counter the loss, they toasted the nuts for additional flavor and chopped them finely to ensure that every piece would have plenty.

Makeover White Texas Sheet Cake is a mouth-watering success. Without a noticeable difference in flavor, our team cut over half of the fat and more than a third of the calories.

You can also use this lighter frosting on your favorite cupcakes. The recipe makes 2 cups, which will be enough to frost about 2 dozen cupcakes.

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