Target Is Selling MINI Christmas Trees for $3, and We’re Buying Them ALL

Mini Christmas trees are just what we'll be decking the halls with this holiday season.

Things used to be simpler. If you wanted to buy a Christmas tree, you really only had two choices: get one that was freshly chopped down or go artificial. Now, there are so many options and alternatives it could make your head spin—but we’re not complaining about it. You could go with a charming half-tree, a bright orange tree (ok, this one is meant for Halloween) or a “tree” that’s not a tree at all.

Some think bigger is better, but we’re enamored with Christmas trees that are petite in stature. If you agree, you’re in luck, because Target has a wide selection of mini Christmas trees right now! How can we pass these up?

Mini Christmas Trees Are Too Cute

Target shoppers on a mission might barge into the store and head straight to the aisle they need, but it pays to pause near the entrance. That’s where you’ll find the mini Christmas trees that come in multiple colors and different sizes, according to @TotallytheBomb on Instagram.

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Target is officially selling Mini Christmas Trees already! #targetfinds #targetdollarspot

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You can choose a smaller Christmas tree for just $3. Some look like they are flocked with snow and have a base that’s wrapped in festive green and black plaid fabric like a present, while others have needles that are bright white or shiny tinsel, atop a cylindric wooden base. For $5, you can get one that’s still mini but a little bigger.

Deck Your Halls With Tiny Trees

These would be perfect for decorating a mantle, a tabletop or a bedside table. Really, they can go anywhere you might typically put a vaseful of flowers. These aren’t available online, but you can snag yourself a mini Christmas tree in-store at the Dollar Spot inside your local Target—you can’t miss it!

Pro tip: If the sight of tiny Christmas trees makes your heart flutter, you can also crochet a tiny Tanenbaum of your own. That’s the holiday spirit!

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