Target Is Selling Hot Chocolate Bombs That Melt in Your Mug for the Perfect Cocoa

Target's hot chocolate bombs come in three flavors!

It’s the perfect time of year to cozy up by the fire with your mug of hot cocoa and a Hallmark holiday classic. Target has introduced a brand-new way to sip your cocoa: hot chocolate bombs. They’re made to melt in your mug!

Bring the Magic to Your Mug

If you just can’t choose what flavor you love most, Target’s hot chocolate drink bombs deliver. Every package comes with three bombs, one white chocolate, one dark chocolate and one classic milk chocolate. They’re reminiscent of a Kinder Joy, containing fluffy marshmallows you won’t see until you melt down the shell. Warm up some milk, drop one of these guys in and enjoy your perfect cup of hot cocoa. They’re the ideal stocking stuffer for the chocolate lovers in your life. (Or you can drink them all yourself, we don’t judge.)

The hot chocolate bombs were first spotted by eagle-eyed foodie @JunkFoodontheGo on Instagram. Like the raspberry glitter wine bombs, these sippers are part of Target’s Wondershop line.

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Get Yours Before They’re Gone

Christmas is quickly approaching, so you can bet Target’s hot chocolate bombs will be bought up ahead of Santa’s visit. You can find them in the candy section at Target right now. You can also check out Target’s website to make sure they’re in stock before heading in. Snag yours for just $3.99, and don’t miss out on the best thing since, well, Christmas!

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