Target’s New Loyalty Program Rewards Everyone for Shopping—and You Won’t Need a REDcard!

Target Circle is why you won't want to shop anywhere else.

Loyalty programs are the best part of checking out at the store, knowing you’ll get rewarded just for picking up things like milk and eggs. Target—everyone’s go-to for certain kitchen staples and Opalhouse home goods—is giving its Cartwheel rewards program a facelift.

Target Circle is rolling out nationwide later this year. The discounts will change the way you shop!

Here’s What’s New with Target Circle

Everything you love about Cartwheel is changing for the better with Target Circle. The new program offers shoppers a 1% discount every time they check out, and believe us, you’ll be surprised how quickly those savings add up. Customers will also receive 5% off on their birthdays. (Here are some more deals you can snag on your special day.) You’ll even get a 1% discount on all purchases at the new Disney stores, which will be opening up in 25 Target locations.

The best part? Target Circle also benefits your local community, as users can cast votes to decide which of 800 nonprofits to reward through the program.

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What Happens to REDcard?

But what about your REDcard? While REDcard users can’t take advantage of the 1% discount, you still get to keep your 5% off purchases made with REDcard credit or debit cards. You can also enjoy the other perks that come with Target Circle, though. Target wanted to make sure everyone that shops in their stores can be rewarded!

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When and Where to Sign Up

The new loyalty program was first tested in Denver over a period of 18 months, and so far, more than 2 million shoppers have signed up. Now, Target Circle fever is expanding to the rest of the nation and will be kicking off in all locations on October 6. All you have to do is head over to Target’s website and create your account. This is a membership you shouldn’t pass up.

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