Taco Bell’s New Caramel Apple Freeze Is the Perfect Treat for Fall

Step right up! Taco Bell's new Caramel Apple Freeze is a caramel apple you can drink.

It seems that T-Bell is always up to something, between the Nacho Fries we all LOVE, a savory Steak and Egg Stacker for breakfast and the super-secret Reaper Ranch Fries. But the latest product announcement might be the greatest ever. Taco Bell is here to remind you that Halloween is around the corner with its new Caramel Apple Freeze!

What is the Caramel Apple Freeze?

Taco Bell’s new menu item is a frozen take on an October treat: caramel apples. The tangy green apple-flavored frozen goodness is topped with a layer of sweet caramel sauce. No surprise—It swaps the usual stick for a straw.

The Caramel Apple Freeze looks like you’re biting into a bright green apple that has been freshly dipped in caramel and we’re so here for it! It looks like most people on Twitter who have already given the drink a sip are on board, too.

Taco Bell says the drink should remind us of days spent at the county fair, but it feels more like a wild take on making caramel apples for Halloween. (By the way—here’s how to make real caramel apples.) Depending on where you live in the US, it might not feel like fall yet, but this Caramel Apple Freeze is something to order no matter the weather.

The Caramel Apple Freeze is available at participating Taco Bell locations. It’s only $2.39 for a regular and $2.59 for a large—so you can pair with anything on the T-Bell dollar menu for a whole lunch under $5.

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