Taco Bell Is Launching a New 7-Layer Dip, but Only at This Location

The Taco Bell seven-layer dip sounds delicious—but it's only available at one Manhattan location.

Taco Bell is great for what it is: a reliable fast-food joint where you can get novelty tacos and burritos with plenty of sauce packets. But with its Cantina locations, Taco Bell is switching things up, adding new food and even an exclusive beer to its menu. If you’re lucky enough to be in New York, you can even try the new Taco Bell seven-layer dip. It’s exclusive to one Midtown Cantina location!

What else is new at the Taco Bell Cantina?

The Taco Bell Cantina at 500 8th Avenue will feature the seven-layer dip, as well as some other new menu options. There will be boxes based off the Cantina Nachos theme, including options like the Fiesta Taco Salad Nachos box and the Chicken Enchilada Nachos box.

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Nice! Are there other upgrades?

Aside from the upgraded menu options, this Taco Bell Cantina location will also have a major plus for tech-forward diners. You’ll be able to order at digital kiosks within the store, as well as with the Taco Bell app. (Other fast food restaurants, like McDonald’s and Wendy’s, have already offered digital ordering within their restaurants, so this one is really just Taco Bell catching up with the curve.)

Taco Bell’s new Big City Bell Pilsner will be available at select Cantina locations, too. For fans who are more partial to mixed drinks, you can also add alcohol to Taco Bell’s “freeze” drinks at any Cantina location. (If you’d rather make your own Mexican-inspired drink, here’s exactly how to make margaritas.)

For people who aren’t in New York

If you’re not in the New York area, you won’t be able to try their new seven-layer dip—at least, not yet. (Still, you can always try this Mexican layer dip recipe at home.) But based on these new restaurant concepts, it sounds like Taco Bell is moving in a new direction to appeal to younger customers, and it’s possible that some of these changes could become nationwide in the future!

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