Taco Bell Is Launching Two New Menu Items This Summer

Both orders will come with a side of guac and chips. Thanks, Taco Bell!

You might already know that Taco Bell has a reputation for healthy fast food. (It’s true. Here’s what to order.) But the chain is taking that to the next level by testing two very fresh menu items. Say hello to the new Avocado Ranch Bowl and Chipotle Grilled Burrito!

Avocado ranch bowlCourtesy Taco Bell

What’s in the Avocado Ranch Bowl?

OK, it all starts with a bed of seasoned rice and grilled chicken. It’s piled high with black beans, lettuce, purple cabbage and fresh pico de gallo, then layered with avocado ranch sauce. Sounds good, right? But here’s the best part. It’s served with a side of chips and guacamole for only $5.49! For steak lovers, go ahead and add grilled steak for only $1 more.

Here’s how you can get Taco Bell delivered for FREE.

Chipotle grilled burritoCourtesy Taco Bell

Tell me about the Chipotle Grilled Burrito.

It’s filled with steak, seasoned rice and chipotle sauce, so we’re already sold. If you need more convincing, the burrito also has crisp purple cabbage, black beans and pico de gallo. Just like the Avocado Ranch Bowl, guac won’t be extra! This steak burrito comes with a side of guacamole and chips for just $6.49. You can also try it with spicy chicken for $1 less.

Where do I order?

Before you head to your local chain, know that you won’t find the Avocado Ranch Bowl and Chipotle Grilled Burrito everywhere. Much like the Steak Rattlesnake Fries, Taco Bell’s new arrivals are being tested exclusively in Cleveland over the next few months, and will ideally roll out across the country soon. For now, you can book a flight to Cleveland or try our fiesta-worthy recipes for tacos, fajitas and more.

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