Nacho Fries Are Back At Taco Bell with a New Limited-Time Flavor

Nacho Fries are making a comeback!

We probably all have had a bit of a tiff with Taco Bell over the elimination of beloved classics over the years. Thankfully, they’ve always brought back a couple of discontinued items, too, including some of my favorites—the mighty Mexican Pizza, Enchirito and Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes.

Clearly, Taco Bell knows when it’s on a winning streak, because they just announced the return of yet another fan favorite item with an insanely delicious twist. Welcome to the menu, Steak Chile Verde Fries.

Nacho Fries Return to Taco Bell

Steak Chile Verde Fries Courtesy Taco Bell Courtesy Taco Bell

Back in 2019, Taco Bell tested three new flavors of Nacho Fries. While they were a huge hit, they did not stay on the menu long. Fortunate for us, the iconic fries are back again with the added bonus of grilled steak and an extra spicy chile verde sauce that is sure to have flavorful kicks thanks to some jalapeno peppers, garlic and lime.

As of May 25, Nacho Fries are officially back on the menu, so get your dinner plans in place. Or, if you prefer staying in, they can be ordered through the Taco Bell app. Of course, these are only here for a limited time through June 28 or until supplies last—so no dawdling! Due to the wide success of nacho fries, Taco Bell is sure to come out with even more versions of the treat and we aren’t complaining.

You can grab a side of Nacho Fries garnished with grilled steak, a three-cheese blend, lime, nacho cheese sauce, reduced-fat sour cream, Fiesta strips and, of course, the chile verde sauce for $4.49. For $3.99, customers can also enjoy these nacho fries in burrito form thanks to the chain’s release of a Steak Chile Verde Fries Burrito. Although, if you’re not a fan of meat, you can still pick up non-meat versions of both dishes. A non-meat version of the fries are available for $3.79 and $3.49 for the burrito.

And not to worry, once Steak Chile Verde nacho fries run out the original nacho fries are remaining on the menu for an extended period of time for just $1.99.

Why Do People Love Nacho Fries?

Chile Verde Fries Burrito Resize Crop Dh Toh Courtesy Taco BellCourtesy Taco Bell

If you’ve never had a chance to try the fries before, I can’t recommend them enough. We gave ’em a whirl the first time they hit the menu, and they were easily our favorite new item in quite a while. The crispy crunch of the spice-dusted fries mixed with the gooey, undeniably delicious nacho cheese is a winning combo. It’s no surprise they ended up being Taco Bell’s biggest launch in recent years.

Isn’t summer the best?

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