Say Adios to Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries (for Now)

Our latest guilty pleasure is taking a hiatus. Find out how long you've got to enjoy in Taco Bell's famous nacho fries (and check out when they'll return).

Taco Bell

It seems like just yesterday that we were trying (and loving!) Taco Bell’s nacho fries for the first time, and now Taco Bell has announced that they’re removing this fast food delicacy from their menu.

These spicy, cheesy fries were exactly what we all needed to cure our fast food cravings, but their days are numbered. You have about a week to get your hands on the last of their fry supply.

Since being released in January 2018, this $1 snack item saw wild popularity—more than 53 million orders sold—causing the chain to extend the product’s original limited-time release by several weeks. In fact, these fries were Taco Bell’s most successful product launch in the restaurant’s 50+ year history.

But don’t fret too much. The chain announced on Twitter this week that nacho fries will make a comeback. Taco Bell devotees only need to wait a few months to indulge in this fast food favorite. According to a Taco Bell spokesperson, these fries “won’t be gone for long…we already have a return slated for this summer. I repeat, they’ll be back!”

Waiting truly is the hardest part, but we take a little solace knowing that in the meantime, we can get our Taco Bell fix delivered.

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